What Do we offer you

The Concordia Group offers several types of coaching and consulting services to suit your needs

Life and Relationship Coaching

  • Pre-Commitment Workshops 
  • Family  Coaching 
  • Marraige and Relationship Coaching
  • Decisive Dating Programs 

Coaching For Success

  • Successful Living Programs for Individuals  
  • Executive Success Coaching
  • Small Business  Consulting 

Leadership and Stragetic Management

In today's environment of constant change

 We are no longer in a environment that even large corporations  are able to keep up with the change that is happening in our workforce cultures, our employee diversity and our need to provide our executives and leaders with new, innovative and viable ways to manage, lead and motivate in this ever moving goal line. 

Even at The Concordia Gromp our focus has changed as the corporate culture and need for Programs to help teach the "New Rules" to our clients has become obvious. 

We provide Leadership and Strategic Management Programs

Corporate Leadership,Executives even Middle Level Managment has changed over the last 10-15 years drastically as the economy,ever changing workforce and technology has changed the way we do business. 

Most importantly, it has changed the way we hire, train, motivate, manage and lead. 

Companies unable to make these adjustments as the tide changes in business, find they are left behind.. 

To give you and your staff the most progressive and up to date training for Success

We offer programs to help you give your company  and staff the best possible chance for success 

Leadership Essentials

Psychology of  Leadership

Women in Leadership 

Diversity and Inclusion 

Change Leadership 

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