The Concordia Group Wellness Centre

The Concordia Group Wellness Centre NY

With great pride and excitement in. February 2012 we opened the Wellness Centre with a focus on bringing together like minded Wellness professionals to an environment where our clients got the best of all worlds 

We brought together .. Life and relationship coaching, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Women's Health Specialists And Herbalists.

Women emporing women

This is a catchphrase now but we were offering  free Women's Enrichment  Seminars, networking events for women's small businesses and working with women one on one to revive the Concept of women supporting women. We saw the need for women to connect with other women, to be able to learn, be mentored and be supported by other women. This was one of the real joys of The Concordia Group Wellness Centre. 

Working with Alternative therapy and traditional medicine

As we grew, we found that many of our clients were doctors and members of what is normally called traditional  medicine. They had discovered that many of what is still considered alternative in the US has been commonly practiced throughout the world with great results.  We began working with the local hospitals and staff to help build a bridge between traditional and alternative therapies so that our patients and theirs received the very best care and the best possible outcomes. Many discovered the healing power of herbs and acupuncture,chiropractic, Life,Success and Relationship coaching and massage therapies. 

We helped to educate and inform so that they could also give their patients informed choices about what they could do to improve their overall health and well being. 

Our work with local Physicians was a wonderful way to work together for the good of the community.