The Justice Fund

Do you love your pets ? Do they make you feel happy ?

Guess what ? You would be right !   Studies have shown we live happier, longer, more productive and peaceful lives when we have a pet in it with us!

Did you know that many seniors give up their beloved pets because they can no longer afford to feed them or give them the basic medical care ? 

Have you ever had to take you pet to see the vet and hoped that they would not need any expensive test or just that you could afford the visit? 

Why should someone have to choose between feeding themselves or their pet?

Why should we have to worry if our pet gets sick that it might cost too much to save them? 

What is the Justice Fund ?

I guess you could say this is my new Pet Project .. still in the beginning stages but it has been a goal of mine to start a Fund that would help those in need. Seniors who need pet food so they are not giving away the precious little they have to their dog or cat. 

A fund designed to help pay for medical bills so that no one has to decide if their pet lives based on a Vet blll.

Our goal is to work with veterinarians and local senor centers and outreach programs to identify those who need our help. 

Our goal is to become a non-profit so that donations are tax-deductible and to attract larger pet food companies to help us Feed the Hungry ! 

Too many pets suffer because we don't have safety nets for our pets.  With fixed or limited incomes so many people do the best they can for as long as they can...Until something major happens and then they are left in the cold .. with no resource deigned to help them. 

I have wanted to create that resource for many years now and now I am working to make it a reality.  Taking my own coaching advice ... Sometimes you just have to take one step and then the next ... until soon enough you are on the path you. Wanted to be all along! 

Please go to

Please visit our website to get more information about our goals and our progress. 

How to apply for help ... and how you can help those in need. 

I have been loved by my dogs and cats my whole life and I have been in the place I am talking about. I know what it feels like to not have the money to save your beloved dog, but i was lucky and my vet was willing to let me make payments on the surgery the saved my dogs life - His name was Justice and he was a big goofy Doberman rescue dog that came into my families life at 2years old after being left at the pound ( probably because the previous owner couldn't afford the vet bill -He had a scar on his stomach.) He was the most loving and wonderful four legged family member he saved us as much as we saved him. 

Justice was the best friend and love of our lives for 10 wonderful years and when he left us, we had seen how many others weren't as fortunate as we were and we wanted to to find a way to help. 

The Justice Fund is our way of giving back to pets  for what they have give  to us .. joy... happiness .. peace .. and so many wonderful cuddles.  

Nicole Forrester 

You can help too!

Don't let another pet go to the pound  because their senior owner can't afford them 

Don't let another pet die because someone else is just like the rest of us ... struggling to make ends meet and can't afford to pay a big vet bill. 

Your help .. saves lives .. 

Press  the button below to go The Justice Fund website and find out how you can help. 

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Your generous support will help us Pets and owners in need.  Every great cause starts with an idea and the support of others. 

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