Answers to your Big Questions

What is the difference between Coaching and therapy ?

Unlike therapy, which goes deep into various specific incidents and mostly focuses on the past. Coaching is very action oriented and focuses primarily on the present and the future.   Although in Coaching we do use the past to inform us, we do not use it as an anchor or a tool to hurt those around us. Those who seek to work with a coach are usually people who desire to make their lives better in one sense or another, but need help finding the right path to that happiness, success, contentment and joy. 

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

When dealing in a business environment, it is possible to work with a Coach or a Consultant or someone who has the skill set to act as both. It truly depends on the goal of the client. 

A consultant typically deals with a specific set of issues and is depended on to give the clients the answers they seek. 

Coaching is more of a collaboration between Coach and client to help them learn the tools and skills needed to solve future issues. 

Working with a Coach/Consultant we can do both solve specific issues that may be urgent to the health of your business and at the same time help develop programs and tools for the future 

Why do you offer both?

The answer is simple ... Both Coaching and Consulting have their merits and help our clients to achieve their goals. Also we have those on staff with the experience and skills obtained from years working in the Corporate and Business environments. 

We want to offer what the client needs. 

Why should I choose to work with a Coach?

This depends!  Can you imagine a professional athlete at the height of their game suddenly deciding not to work with a coach to continue to succeed ? 

Whether your need for a coach is professional or personal ... we all need help sometimes and let's be clear ..Self -Help books are nice .. but we can rarely diagnose our own issues correctly and working with a coach gives you not only expertise, but support and caring too! 

Are all coaches basically the same?

Well to be honest ,not at all ! This is a profession that many of us take great pride in our commitment and education and experience that lead us to help others. 

But there are companies that will hand out the title of " Coach " when they wish to sell a product  A nutrional coach who only has one product line to promote is just a sales person.  So, it is important to make sure your coach has some background and experience in the field that they are coaching.  Would I take coaching from  Tiger Woods on the sport of Golf .. absolutely!  Would I hire a consultant who has never worked in the field ... no, because they dont have the experience to help you navigate  through the problems of that you need. 

True Coaches have developed their own programs and bring with them, experience, education and a desire to help those whose path they have already walked.  There is no degree in coaching but many coaches are educated and experienced in their areas of expertise and  have found their calling in their field. Many write books, do workshops and create programs using their study and the methods of others that have been proven effective. The same is true for most consultants. They find a career in consulting rewarding because they can use their expertise to help others be more successful and content.