Leadership and Strategic Management

Leadership Essentials

Our  Seminars and programs in Leadership Essentials and Psychology of Leadership include 

How to become an inspirational leader

How to hire, build and motivate a high performing team 

Managing Time and Priorities 

Addressino Workplace Behavior issues in a positive manner 

Mastering the Essentials of Influence

Interpreting the Behavior of others.

Designing effective team structure. 

Women In Leadeship

Women's role in our Leadership structures has changed over the last 20+years and especially now are we looking carefully at not only how subordinates react to women as leaders but how can women be effective leaders without having to fall back on the old ways. 

Our programs and seminars include 

Women-Navigating the Double Bind 

Negotiation skills and Giving and receiving feedback 

Using Emotionl Intelligence to drive results 

Work-life balance - A case for re-negotiating the terms. 

How to be a strong Women and not perceived as a threat. 

Diversity Inclusion and Change Leadership

In the very quickly changing environment  we live in, adjusting to diversity and new ideas, new concepts is the key to success. 

Our seminars and programs include 

Navigating Power relationships 

Leading Organizational and strategic  change 

Negotiation skills  and Improving engagement. 

Counteracting Unconscions Bias

Fostering an Inclusive environment 

About Us

Successful Living

Successful Living ?   What does that mean ?

Many people are not in need of a therapist but they are not completely happy with their lives. Maybe they wish they had chosen a different career or maybe they just know something is missing but they  don't know what ? 

Somehow life just isn't how you hoped or planned and you don't know how to change it.

Success has a different definition for everyone but for most it includes feeling happy,heatlty, and fulfilled in our lives. 

Successful Living Programs help people overcome obstacles and help plan for a future that can be happy, fulfilling and successful on your terms. 

Executive Coaching Programs

Coaching got its beginnings working with Executives. 

Executives,Owners,Managers many see the need for positive change in their business and lives, many times these things cross over. 

The most compelling reason most hire a coach/ consultant is they are unwilling to wait to get to where they want, so they turn to an outside expert to help them get what they want, to where they want to be in their careers, to get to what they want for their company in the most direct, productive and sustainable way. 

The Executive Coach/Client relationship is a designed alliance focusing on maximizing opportunities,identifying obstacles and developing workable plans not just solving problems 

Call and see what a coach can do for your career and your company. 

Ask about our Leadership Training programs, Executive Management Styles, and Career Fastrack. 

Small Business Success Programs

We discovered many Small Business owners went into business because they loved what they did ...whether it be a Painting Business, Picture Framing, Bakery or a Dentist or Doctor.  They are good at what they love, but they discover that running a business is much more than just what they went to school for or more than just answering the phone and doing a job. 

We help you fill in the gaps. No one knows everything about Management, Finances,marketing and now, Social media. 

We work with you to discover what your business needs to be more successful. To give you more time, more peace of mind, a better working environment .

Our programs are designed for Small Businesses and the Small Businless owner and their difficulties.