Pre-Commitment Program

Are you about to get married ? Moving in together ? Take the big leap ? .. 

It is one of the most exciting times of your life .. you have finally found your  life's mate!

Let us help you " Break-Up Proof " your relationship!  

We have developed a 6-8 week program that deals with all of the reasons why people get divorced, break-up or just don't make it.

Haven't you ever asked yourself why so many relationships don't make it .. well, we have and we can help you navigate the issues and give you the tools BEFORE you need them. 

If you are choosing dresses and flowers, furniture or where to live .... Don't you owe it to your relatioship, your marriage, to make sure you have all the tools you need to build your home on a solid foundation?  

Marriage is far more than just one great day.. Let us help you make sure your's lasts ! 

Relationship Coaching

Relationships, Marriage, children .... they don't come with owner's manuals ... a how to guide to fixing things when they seem broken. Wouldn't that be nice ! 

Our 4 C's program is designed to help give you the insight and understanding into how all relationships struggle at one time or another and how to deal with those difficulties.  We have put together a " tool kit " so that you can be prepared and have tools to use long after our last session. 

But there is no one size fits all answer to relationship problems and we work with you to discover the issues that are at the core of your difficulties and move forward in a positive way to resolve and heal. 

The " Coaching " approach to relationships is based on the fact that the past informs us but it is not where we dwell, we seek to change the present and the future through understanding.clean communication, compromise, connections and Commitment. 

Decisive Dating

One of the biggest decisions of our lives is " who " we will spend it with and so many times we leave that up to complete chance.

"I went out with him .. because he asked"

"I really liked her and did not want to lose her so I guess I just decided we should get married " 

" There really are not that many people my age so I can't be that choosy " 

These are all some of the reasons that we hear after someone realizes that they have made a mistake in their dating choice.. and it has had a negative impact on their lives. 

Decisive Dating is about making positive choices based on who you are .. getting to know your true self and who is the right fit for you ... not just taking the first bus that comes along !  

We help you learn what to look for so you can make better decisions and not waste time on the wrong person .. and also not overlook the one that might be perfect for you. 

Decisive Dating is for adults of every age .. from 18 to 81 .. we all want to be loved! 

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