Our Founder and President

Nicole Forrester

In 2006, my life took a drastic change and I had to make some big decisions about what I wanted for my life and what I wanted to do in the next chapter of my career. 

I had spent 15 + years  working in careers that offered me success but not happiness. Success made it easy to look past the fact that I wasn't doing the work I was meant to do.

Then life gave me no other choice but to make some changes and as I looked at career choices, I read about Life Coaches, Executive Coaches, Wellness Coaches and Relationship Coaches. All of these fit, not only my personality but my experience,education and my desire to help people. 

I founded The Concordia Group and later opened The Wellness Centre in New York  all with the goal of helping people over come the obstacles that keep us from our true happiness, contentment, and success. 

The Concordia Group and Wellness Centre were always about bringing together like minded professionals to help people find a way to healthier,more joyous living. When we feel capable and supporated, when we have a plan for how to accomplish the goals in our lives, we will always feel that life is just somehow happier, richer, fuller  and more meaningful. By reducing the stress of carrying the burden of the unknown and our negative emotions, we are allowed to be free to pursue that which makes us truly happy, healthy and successful. 

My desire has always been to create Programs that help individuals have that support, guidence, help, and  understanding and more than anything,the tools that they can take with them so that long after, they are capable of handling whatever life throws at us.