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In 2006, Nicole Forrester, fulfilled a dream of creating an environment designed to bring together talented, like minded professionals with the same goals of helping others. 

The Concordia Group was founded with the goal of fostering this new concept of Coaching that was fast becoming a realistic progressive way of dealing with the day to day difficulties of individuals, couples, families and businesses, business executives and managers 

By creating programs that were specifically designed to help  couples, individuals, small businesses and generally just those who found themselves unable to answer the questions .. why am I unhappy and unfulfilled ?  Why don't I know which way to turn to get help ? ..Why is my life or relationship not what I wanted it to be ? .. Where do I go to get help, direction, guidance ? 

We chose to put together programs  help people overcome the obstacles that were in their way to their life goals.

As the company grew and we opened a Wellness Centre in New York, we discovered that many people found the methods used in coaching to be beneficial and allowed them to see quicker results than traditional therapies. 

We now work with a variety of practitioners with many years of experience to service all our clients needs. 

Why a Coach?


The first question most people ask is what is a Coach ?

And what is the difference between a Coach and a therapist or consultant? 

Please take a moment and read more about how Coaching and Therapy have similarities and differences on our page of "Answers to Your Big Questions ".

The profession of coaching and consulting started mostly in the executive and business sector,for individuals who wanted to achieve greater levels of success or had found they lacked the ability to overcome the obstacles in their path to success. Now Coaching has entered multiple aspects of our lives, from Marraige and family relatioships, nutrition  and health, performance and individual success. 

Working with a coach to gives you  the ability to identify what you want both personally and professionally and to support you in achieving the life that you really want.

Having the life one loves starts with gaining clarity on values, enabling more meaningful choices and consitentant action. 

Coaching offers a means for more balance, joy, intimacy,energy, financial and professional success and action and focus in every area of life.

Why Us?


There are lots of options for someone seeking help and guidance.  A coach can help you overcome the obstacles keeping you from the happiness and success you wish for.

We understand that you may be a couple seeking help because your relationship is struggling 

or you are someone who is just unhappy with the way life seems to be turning out . As a coahc we have struggled with many of those same issues and can understand and relate. We want to help you move forward and into a better future. 

As an executive or business owner you may be looking for guidance in areas that just aren't your expertise or help getting back on track. As coaches and consultants we have been in your shoes, and know how hard it is to find the right kind of help. 

From day one, The Concordia Group cares about you. We start with a free consultation with every client so that we can determine whether we are the right fit for each other.

There are many different types of coaches with different approaches.

Our first priority is you  and to make sure that we help you find the best fit and the right kind of help. 

We want the very best option for each of our clients and that is why we have not only created programs designed to work with individual issues and difficulties but we have the experience,education and expertise to be able to customize programs to fit each clients need.

There is no one size fits all client and no one size fit as all answer. We have the experience and ability to tailor the right program for each person. 

CALL NOW for a FREE consultation. 

What do you do next ?

Most people searching the internet for a Coach,  therpist or Consultant do so because they are seeking to make some sort of positive change in their life or business. So what do you do now ? 

We want to make it simple ... call or email for a Free .. no strings attached ..consultation and you are on your way.  This free consultation gives you the chance to see if this is the right way for you to achieve your goals and dreams, to feel better about your life  and fix your broken relationships. 

Even our business consultaions are free. We truly want you to know before your invest in your company or yourself if we can help. 

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